Residential Pool Renovation

We are SW Virginia’s leading swimming pool contractor when it comes to transforming out of date pools to modern day standards. The process begins with an on-site consultation to create a budget and prioritize the project based on the overall scope of work to meet the customers needs. Many pool owners want to upgrade to the latest, money-saving technology as well as enhance the overall aesthetics of the backyard. The possibilities are endless from energy efficient pumps, lighting, automation, equipment pads to adding fountains, sun-shelfs, steps, slides, water features and much more. During each phase of the project, we will provide constant communication to ensure you are satisfied every step of the way. Take a look at our renovation portfolio to see some amazing transformations. Contact us today to set up your FREE consultations.

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Do you renovate or remodel older pools?

Yes, we offer full renovation services from coping, tile and new interior finishes, filtration upgrades and even adding a spa or changing the current pool configuration.

What types of pools do you renovate?

We only renovate inground gunite or concrete pools. We do not remodel vinyl liner pools or fiberglass pools.

How long will the renovation take?

Depending on the scope of work, typically 1-2 weeks on residential re-plaster, coping, & tile projects. On larger projects that require changing pool configurations or adding steps, spas, or water features will require more time.

What are the advantages of re-plastering the surface of my pool versus other coatings such as paint, epoxy coating, etc.?

National Pools does not paint or epoxy gunite or concrete swimming pools. If one of these applications have been applied to the plaster surface, it will be required to water jet the entire pool to remove the existing finish and result in an increase in the renovation pricing. A pool that has been painted will need to be drained, cleaned, prepped and painted again within 3-5 years and may result in “flaking” paint chips that can be sharp and hazardous. Well-maintained plaster surfaces have a much longer life than painted surfaces.

How long does plaster last?

A newly plastered swimming pool will last 15 to 20 years. The life span of the plaster starts within the first 30 days of the curing process. The plaster must be monitored daily for proper water quality and brushing of pool plaster. It is highly recommended to have a winter cover to protect the plaster.