We are now into the middle of April which means we are getting closer to swimming pool season. If you haven’t already opened your swimming pool it is a good idea to start getting ready. With the warm weather we are having algae can grow, which will lead to a green pool at opening. Below are tips to getting your pool ready for summer.


  1. Remove as much debris from your pool cover before taking it off.
  2. Remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated on or around the skimmer, filter, drains and pump.
  3. Remove as much floating and submerged debris as possible using a leaf net.
  4. Scrub pool walls and top off water level.
  5. Start the season with a clean filter. We recommend that you use a filter cleaner to ensure peak filtration.
  6. Shock pool with liquid for powered shock (If your pump is not running only use liquid).
  7. Once your pump has been running for 24 hours bring us a sample and we can help you get your pool balanced!