Step 1 – Vacuum Pool

To vacuum the pool, you could use the Volt cleaner, Prowler, or vacuum head to remove dirt and debris from your pool.

Step 2 – Backwash Pool

If you have a sand filter, make sure to backwash.

Step 3 – Clean Cartridges

Soak cartridges for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4 – Empty skimmer baskets

Remove all debris from skimmer basket(s)

Step 5 – Add tablets to feeder or skimmer baskets

Step 6 – Turn Heater Off

Make sure heater is turned off to prevent water loss and to help energy cost.

Step 7 – Add water to ensure proper water level in skimmer

Adjust water level to the midway point on your skimmer.

Step 8 – Keep the pump and filter on while you are away

Be sure to keep your pump and filter running 24/7 while you are away.

Step 9 – Make sure chemicals are stored properly

Chemicals need to be stored in a cool and dry place

Step 10 – Make sure gates are locked