How Hydropool uses Zone Therapy to help with common wellness issues.


Zone Therapy can help treat ailments such as leg pain, back pain, headache, insomnia and stress.  It can also help with boosting your diet, full body awakening, & sports recovery. 

Hydropool uses Zone Therapy to personalize each hot tub to benefit the customer for their specific need. They start by using four elements that make-up each zone.

  1. Type of jets– There are two types of jets, The E55 jet which is designed for deep tissue massage and the E40 jets which is for a gentle massage.
  2. Jet placement– Different jet patterns are designed to achieve the best benefit for the different muscle groups.
  3. Seating– The seats are designed to support the skeletal structure and remove stress from muscles and joints so that the body relaxes.
  4. Duration in Seat– The duration in seat is combined with the sequence of seats to create the performance of zone therapy.

Different Zones for different needs

  1. Zone 1: Core Zone– Activation of the Paravertebral Muscles. (Headaches-releases tension in dorsal muscles)
  2. Zone 2: Lower Body Zone– Activation of Leg & Lumbar Muscles (improves circulation in lower part of body)
  3. Zone 3: Upper Body Zone– Activation of upper back, neck & shoulder muscles (Eliminates tension in Trapezoid muscles & neck)
  4. Zone 4: Reflexology Zone– Activation of foot arch muscles (Deeply massages foot arch)