The Accu-Tab® Tablet Feeder System is Engineered to Perform

Accu-Tab® systems are long-lasting and offer peak performance every day. The easy-to-use three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder system is built on smart engineering, proprietary tablet technology and quality construction.

The Accu-Tab system is easy to install and can be integrated into any existing system. It also requires less maintenance than other calcium hypochlorite systems because of the proprietary way in which our tablets are manufactured along with the unique design advantages of the controlled high water flow/lower chlorine concentration patented delivery technology. And because the system delivers chlorine consistently, it can be adjusted easily to accommodate changes in chlorine demand.

How the Accu-Tab System Works

Water flows into the chlorinator and contacts the Accu-Tab tablets inside. Accu-Tab tablets erode at a predictable rate based on the amount of water, allowing for a consistent delivery of chlorine. Once the water is chlorinated, it is returned back into the main water source. The chlorinator automatically stops when the water flow is shut off, allowing the tablets to remain dry when the unit is not in operation. A control valve allows precise chlorine residual control.

Accu-Tab chlorinators have few moving parts, no small openings that can clog and, for convenience, a transparent lid that allows operators to verify tablet levels easily.


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